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Details of routechecks are on the events calendar page.

Routechecking of existing and potential new routes is undertaken throughout the year. Routechecking is vital. Particularly off the West Highland Way routes may be changed or obstacles put in the way. We need to know well in advance that a change has taken place before we turn up with 25 people and a Cross in the middle of Holy Week. Routechecking also provides an opportunity to familiarise potential leg leaders with the routes and maintain our relationships with many of the people who help us during Holy Week.

Routechecking is also about seeking improvements to existing routes and examining the possibilities for new routes. One of the main tasks of the routechecking team is developing a third leg for Scottish Cross. A significant part of the route will pass through Moidart west of Fort William. Hence it has been dubbed the Moidart Leg.

If you are interested in coming on a Scottish Cross routecheck please contact us for further details and health and insurance conditions.

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